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Women’s Leather Handbags

There may not be another accessory as important to women as the purse, and for many women’s leather handbags is the ultimate standard. Leather is sturdy, durable and can withstand the regular wear and tear that handbags endure. Additionally, many leathers are crafted in a manner that marks, scuffs and scratches won’t draw away from the purse’s beauty. Other premium leathers may be treated with conditioners and glosses that keep them looking great and in mint condition for decades to come. As women’s leather handbags are in high demand, it is important that consumers know how to care for them.

Women’s leather handbags have a classic, timeless look and are known for their strength as well as beauty. Many high quality tote bags, luggage and carryon bags for travel are crafted from leather due to their strength. By caring for leather purses and handbags properly you can make certain they last for many years to come. Additionally, by taking care of the leather your purse or handbag can maintain its shape; which is an important aspect of your handbag’s overall look and appearance.

One of the greatest threats to your leather bag comes from oil on your hands. Take the time to clean you bag by wiping it down with a soft cloth that has been lightly moistened after use. This removes excess oils and debris that may be present on the purse’s exterior. Beware of applying too much water or moisture to your handbag as this can cause staining and lead to problems. Make certain the soft cloth is only slightly moist, not damp or wet. If your leather handbag becomes wet, dry it immediately by wiping or patting the area with a dry, soft cloth. Though you don’t want women’s leather handbags to be subjected to great amounts of water, you do need to keep them moisturized as this preserves the leather.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between patent leather and regular leather. Patent leather doesn’t require the same type of cleaning and maintenance that other leather products require. Most patent leather handbags can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth, followed by a gentle buffing with a soft cloth. Conditioners help promote shine, suppleness and prevent cracks in leather. They weren’t designed for use on patent leather, but on other leather forms. You can create your own leather conditioner for use on women’s leather handbags by mixing one part household vinegar (white) with two parts linseed oil. Rub the solution into your leather handbag using small circles. Let sit for fifteen minutes then buff with a dry, soft clean cloth.

Don’t neglect the inside of your purse either. You can use a handheld vacuum to clean the inside and if it is dirty, you may use a moist cloth to wipe it out. Make certain to let the purse dry thoroughly before replacing your belongings.

Keep women’s leather handbags free from permanent damage by dealing with stains as soon as they arise. If you find stains on your purse, remove them immediately and do not let them settle into the leather where they become more difficult to treat. Many hard to remove stains can be removed from leather by mixing a paste of one part cream of tartar with one part lemon juice. Use the paste as bleach and rub it into the stain and let sit for fifteen minutes. Then clean the area with a damp cloth before drying and buffing with a clean, soft cloth.

If you are going to store your women’s leather handbags for a period of time, use tissue paper or bubble wrap inside the purse as this will keep the purse full and retain its shape. Women’s leather handbags provide many advantages as they are more than just a fashionable accessory, but are a practical carrier that becomes an important tool used in a woman’s everyday life. By taking care of your leather handbag you can ensure its longevity.

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