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More often than not, white handbags are usually associated with weddings and brides. At the same time, there is a wide misconception that if you wear a white purse with a casual outfit or include it in your office suit accessories, that it will create a shabby and cheap impression. Even though a white bag is a tricky accessory to wear, it is important to note that the looks are actually more dependent on the material of the bag and not the actual color. There is no denying that a plastic or a similar material is going to look cheap and shabby, even vulgar. However, could you say the same thing about a white leather or canvas handbag?

The Battle of the Colors: White versus Black Handbags
Since the classic black and white are the most used and loved colors for clothing, there is practically no reason why you could not find and wear a black or a white handbag as well. For instance, teens often like to dress with a feminine blouse or shirt and a pair of blue jeans could compliment this outfit with a fiber or interlaced handbag. The white from the purse goes very well with the classic blue jeans and enhances the femininity of the blouse at the same time. Even though the outfit is quite casual, you have to admit that it does suggest a certain sophistication.

When it comes to choosing a handbag for professional and formal office wear, almost all women go for black purses. The reason for this is that black handbags basically allow women to blend with the black suits worn by her colleagues. However, you could use a white handbag and diverge from the norm. The trick is to have some delicate and fine white design or print in the skirt, the jacket, the blouse or your shoes. Alternatively, you could also choose a bag that contains black and white, as long as the colors are separated by clean and clear cuts.

How to Select the Right White Handbag
If you want to use your white handbag for going to the beach during summer, then it is important that it has enough space to accommodate all of your accessories and items. In fact, if you were to take a look at the casual summer fashion trends, you will notice just how well those big white handbags go with a large hat, a cool pastel dress and a big pair of sunglasses. However, despite the fact that this outfit can be considered the official beach uniform, do not use it for other purposes if you are not an organized person. The reason for this is that if you are disorganized you may not know exactly what you have thrown into your handbag and opening it in public might lead to some embarrassing moments.

The cardinal rule of selecting the right handbag is that it matches your shoes. On the other hand, white shoes in combination with a white handbag are simply a no-no, unless of course you are a bride. For instance, visualize how you would look wearing a black outfit and with white shoes and a white handbag. Instead of having your handbag and shoes in the same color, a far better solution would be to choose shoes that match the rest of your outfit.

In addition, the handbag should also match your body shape. In general, if you are quite small in stature, then you may look a little silly wearing a very large bag. The same applies vice versa too, as if you are large and carry a small handbag you may find it looks out of place.

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