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Which Handbag is Right for You?

Since a woman needs a handbag, not only as an accessory for an outfit, but also as a practicality, then it is important that it looks good and is comfortable as well. However, finding the perfect combination of functionality and visual appeal can be very difficult to achieve at times.

One of the biggest mistakes a woman could make is to choose a handbag that is the hottest and latest fashion without taking into account her figure, personality, clothing and the occasion for which she needs the handbag. At the same time, regardless of whether it is your travelling handbag or a chic evening purse, make sure that it is well made from high quality materials.

Selecting Your Handbag for a Job Interview
The decision regarding style and functionality of the handbag you wear for a job interview can make all the difference in whether you get hired or not. One of the reasons for this is that your handbag is one way of showing your future employer that you are an organized and reliable person. Therefore, you would make a very good first impression if you take out your resume or calling card perfectly tidy from your bag, whereas taking out a ruffled CV to hand to the person interviewing you can also speak volumes.

Besides the fact that the bag needs to be spacious enough to hold your resume, it should also contain several functional and security pockets. This is especially important if you like to carry a lot of items in the bag. Therefore, the ideal functional bag for your job interview should include penholders, a cell phone compartment, a key clasp and dividers.

You can never go wrong with black. However, if you are uncomfortable wearing black, then navy blue or dark green with a dark toned suit works well and looks professional too. In case you want to wear a lighter suit, due to the nature of the job you are applying for, then the perfect colors for your handbag are brown, tan or beige.

Choosing Your Handbag for a Formal Occasion
When attending a special formal occasion women tend to pay a lot of attention to their dress, jewelry, hairstyle and shoes. The only time most of them actually realize that they do not have the perfect bag for the event is when they notice that they cannot fit in their lipstick, cell phone and so on. Whilst it is true that the ideal bag for the evening is a small model, make sure that it includes sufficient space for your must-have items as well. At the same time, pay attention to the accessories of the bag. For example, you should not wear gold jewelry if the handbag’s handles are made of a silver material.

In general, if you have to shop for a special dress for the occasion, it would be a good idea to look for a purse that it is made from the same or similar material. If you want to attain that stunning and ravishing look from your outfit, then this is the easiest way to ensure that they match. However, you can work a bit with the contrast or the print on the dress to draw attention and turn heads. For instance, if your dress has a fine white print, then one idea is to have a handbag that has a wider version of that print.

Do not be afraid to use the purse as an accent color. If you have a touch of red on your dress, then you should consider a red handbag, as this would be a wonderful accessory that is completely acceptable for a formal occasion.

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