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Vera Bradley is an American fashion brand that was originally founded in 1982. The brand has received major attention for their quality selection of patterned handbags. They are now a top manufacturer or handbags, luggage, and many other items. Their selection of handbags includes styles such as tote, crossbody, satchel, shoulder bags, and more. The brand offers their handbags at affordable prices, with most bags being priced between $50 and $100. Some of their bags even run for far below $50.

The main thing that differentiates Vera Bradley handbags from the competitor's bags is their colorful selection. These bags all feature color rich designs with unique patterns that many scare away from wearing. If you are looking for a bag with a more intricate design and a better color variety then the collection of Vera Bradley handbags are definitely worth looking at. There are some solid color Vera Bradley handbags as well but most feature very stylish patterns. This may make matching it with your outfits more difficult but when looking for a spring or summer bag or a bag for special occasions, these are absolutely perfect for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Vera Bradley Handbag for You
Budget will not be an issue when shopping for a Vera Bradley handbag. You will have to decide the style of handbag that you require though. If you do not already know the handbag style that you would like to buy then you just have to consider the intended use of the bag and the items that will be stored in it. This will give you a good idea on the size of bag that you require and how it should be styled to wear properly.

You will have to choose a Vera Bradley handbag that features a design which will go well with the outfits that you wear with it. If you are choosing a bag for a special occasion then it will really only have to match one of your outfits. If you plan to use the bag regularly then you will have to choose one with a versatile design and color scheme so it matches most of your wardrobe. The designs and patterns of Vera Bradley handbags will go well with most outfits but there will be some major mismatches as well. For instance, a colorful Vera Bradley handbag with a floral pattern would not be a good choice of bag to carry while dressed in professional attire.

Where to Buy a Vera Bradley Handbag
If you would like to buy a Vera Bradley handbag then you should check out their website. See if there is a retail store that sells this brand of handbag in your area. If not, you can always buy Vera Bradley handbags through their online store. Their online shop features a wide selection of their products so you can choose from many different styles and designs of Vera Bradley handbags.

If you find Vera Bradley handbags on other online stores then you could consider buying from there. It may be cheaper to do so and there may be more designs to choose from. Buying a knockoff bag will not be a major concern as these bags are so inexpensive to begin with. Ultimately, you should spend some time to shop around and find the right handbag for you and get the best possible price on it. If you can shop for Vera Bradley handbags locally then it is highly suggested that you do so as you will be able to view and try on the handbag. Buying online can be a little difficult as the bag is not right in front of you to examine but with such an affordable price for a decent quality bag you cannot go wrong with your purchase.

Vera Bradley handbags are not for everyone but for the select few that enjoy color rich pattern handbags this brand will be perfect. It is definitely suggested that you at least take a look at their lineup of handbags. Not all their bags feature prominent patterns. You can find some more casual designs of Vera Bradley handbags as well which are very stylish and will go well with just about anything that you wear. However, their standout selection of color pattern handbags is what makes Vera Bradley handbags worth looking at when shopping for a new handbag.

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