Leather Handbags

Types of HandbagsFor most men, the issue of handbags is one which is touchy at best. This is because when it comes to handbags, there are so many varieties out there, and it’s impossible to tell which is which. This normally causes problems especially when it comes to buying handbags as presents for women. If you are to do this successfully, you would need to know what types of handbags there are out there, and also which one would suit your loved one. Fortunately, one can classify such handbags into different categories in an easy to understand manner, which makes it very easy for a man to identify the different types of bags out there.

Some of the more common types of bags available today which you can buy from virtually all fashion stores including clutch, hobo, tote, satchel, cross-body, shoulder, minaudiere, and messenger bags.

The clutch bag is the sort of handbag that is synonymous with elegance, and with good reason. As the name would suggest, a clutch bag is a type of handbag meant to be held in the hands and not hanged from your shoulders. Such bags, by definition, don’t have any long straps. They are normally small and can only carry a limited number of things. Such clutch bags are normally used as accessories when dressing formally, such as when going for a ball or other similar event. When buying a clutch bag, one can’t just buy one at random; you need to think about such things as whether it will match with a particular dress and if it’s of the right color, material, texture and so on.

A hobo bag is meant to be hung from the shoulders. It usually has one thick strap, and has only one compartment. This sort of bag is ubiquitous in many places today; you can find them popular with almost anyone from students to professional women. These bags are versatile in that they are comfortable to hold, and can also carry a reasonable number of things. They can be made from a wide variety of materials such as leather or cotton; it all depends on the person for whom the bag is intended.

As the name would imply, a bowling bag is the sort of bag that one would use to hold bowling balls. However, today these bags are more of fashion statements rather than utility bags as they were in the past. Of course, you can still find bags to hold bowling balls if you are interested, but you can also find handbags which look like them as well. The good thing about such bowling bags is that they are very roomy, and can be used to carry lots of things around. In fact, it’s not a surprise to find ladies carrying all manner of things from their makeup kits to mini laptops in these bags. A good bowling bag should also be sturdily built so as to withstand the forces associated with carrying heavy items around.

A minaudiere looks like a clutch bag, but the only difference between them is that the Minaudiere is flashier. This is due to the fact that this type of bag is embezzled with a variety of precious metals such as silver and, for the more expensive ones, even gold. The bag itself is normally made of leather or other fabric. Once again, the choice of which you need is dependent on personal preferences and if your woman likes it shiny and gleaming, this is the one to go for.

Clearly, there is a lot of variety when it comes to handbags. When looking for such handbags, therefore, you need to have a very idea of why you need it and in which environment it’s going to be used. This makes the work of buying one such handbag very easy, even if you feel you are a clueless man!