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Celebrities are the trendsetters of the new age. It's a historical fact that people have followed fashion trends set by popular people, people with power, authority and influence among others. Today, that hasn't changed a bit. And for most women, handbags and other similar accessories underscore the true meaning of fashion, making the market for popular handbags a very tough competition, even for signature brands. In fact, they say that women, in general, spend more money on handbags than men would spend on clothing. That's not surprising, considering the shopping needs that men put up with their girlfriend, fiancé or wife. Therefore, knowing about the most popular handbag brands would prove to be very helpful for both men and women. Note that the following brands are not mentioned in any order of price tags or popularity measure.

When a person starts thinking about Italian handbag brands, Prada is among the first coherent words that come to mind. The Prada line up of designer handbags is known for its classy and chic style. The luxurious quality in all Prada handbags is practically unparalleled in Italy. Very few handbag brands top it off when it comes to luxury and plush design that is, at the same time, contemporary and trendy. A number of celebrities would definitely be on the same page when someone says that Prada handbags are among the highest quality brands out there. Expect the famous Eva Longoria, Liv Tyler, and singer and actress Hillary Duff to be on the line.

No woman in her right mind would miss the double “F” logo of the Fendi designer handbag brand. This designer handbag is a favorite of not only the commoner handbag aficionados, but by iconic names in the media industry as well. You would normally hear names such as Paris Hilton, Jenny McCarthy, singer Jessica Simpson, amongst many others. And it's not a question of why you, too, would be drawn to this brand. That reason is obvious when you consider the design, appeal and quality of the "F" Fendi handbags. It is certainly not cheap to acquire one so you can easily consider it a status icon.

Louis Vuitton
In the fashion industry, it's virtually a crime to miss the name Louis Vuitton. This Paris-originated fashion house is popular for its high quality and plush handbag designs. Louis Vuitton employs only the best designers in the world to craft its creative lineup of fashionable bags.

When it comes to the celebrity race, you would hear the names of Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Lopez being uttered. No wonder why women are always fuzzing about this handbag brand. Oh by the way, have you heard of any wife who says that she does not like LV? My wife is no exception too!

Who would forget Gucci? Well, when it comes to popular handbag brands, many other brands pale in comparison to the Italian Gucci which has been making amazing lineups since the early 1920s. Its popularity in the entertainment scene is nearly unparalleled. You would not be surprised with the celebrity names that are associated with this popular handbag brand. For starters, you would hear Elizabeth Taylor's name being mentioned, and Jacqueline Kennedy's name being uttered once every now and then.

Ralph Lauren
A lot of fans of designer handbags drool over (figuratively) the Ralph Lauren handbags. The value can be seen in the reputation of the brand, the design of their products and the skills of their designers. It's a little out of character for women to drool literally, but most would definitely do everything in their power to get their hands on these handbags. In the entertainment scene, you would stumble upon names like Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Natalie Portman sporting Ralph Lauren handbags. Well, if Victoria has it, some women just got to get it!

Keep in mind that the overall quality of these brands will vary according to the person who's trying to make a comparison. Their popularity will vary according to the season and the current trend. However, for this list, Coach is included for high quality handbag designs though it is still considered not as luxurious as the other brands. Does the name Anne Hathaway ring any bells? If you could think of any other celebrity who is as popular, she's probably going to carry the same Coach handbag!

Kate Spade
Kate Spade used to be just another designer handbag lover whose love for it pushed her to create her own line of handbags. From a humble beginning as a Mademoiselle fashion editor, Spade has come a long way to create her own mark in the fashion industry. Not only fashion aficionados love her brand of designer handbags, but popular names in the media industry have been seen carrying her items too since this brand is famous for coming up with bold and trendy styles.

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