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One thing is for sure – an orange handbag will always stand out and make you noticed. However drab your outfit is, an orange handbag sends strong positive messages. Carrying an orange handbag says many things about your attitude to life. It says that you have a positive attitude to life, that you want to have fun and, most importantly, that you are not just part of the crowd. Carrying an orange handbag in all seasons stimulates enthusiasm and should cheer up all around you. Orange handbags work for you in all seasons; brightening up a foggy gray day in winter, bringing harmony with the spring flower colors, and reflecting the rainbow of colors in high summer. In autumn, orange handbags are completely in tune with the woodland colors as winter approaches.

Who Has the Monopoly on Orange Handbags?
No one manufacturer or fashion house has a monopoly on orange handbags. Whilst you may think that because of the bright color of an orange handbag it would not be of any interest to the top designers for handbag manufacturers, you could not be more wrong. Designers including Prada and Hermes have produced dramatic and attractive orange handbags as part of their signature range. Since the1960s orange has been a firm favorite color for younger wearers and in recent years, it has much appeal for those who are more mature. Today there is effectively no limit to who can carry an orange handbag in style.

How the Orange Handbag Arrived in the Swinging Sixties
The 1960s and the hippy era broke down the fashion barriers that stopped brightly colored handbags being carried by teenagers and young people. The atmosphere of the time was to break down convention and taboo. Carrying a bright orange handbag showed that you had clearly broken through and were no longer shackled by the conventional and conservative rules of previous decades. Another advantage was the progress in the use of artificial materials, which produced cheaper affordable handbags with a far greater choice of bright colors available.

The Orange Handbag Matures in the 1970s and 1980s
During the 1970s and into the 1980s, colors became more sublime and the use of natural materials became more popular than in the previous decade. Orange colored handbags are easy to produce using textiles and natural materials. Another advantage of using natural textiles is that the material holds the orange dye well and does not fade easily. As the 1980s progressed the top fashion houses realized that bright orange satisfied the designer label concept perfectly, as wearing or carrying a designer label item became extremely important.

The 1990s – Barbie Grows Up
Fashion houses and marketing companies are never slow to reinvent themselves and their collections. Just when you thought that you had everything in your wardrobe and would never be caught out, overnight a new fashion look comes in and makes everything that you have bought instantly history. The Barbie look revolved around primary colors, pink, orange, sky blue and everything needed to be shiny and girly. For the patent leather orange handbag this was perhaps one of the golden ages. Not too brash, but still speaking volumes about your self confidence and harmony with the world, your orange handbag shows that you are in harmony with your life and your environment.

Into the New Millennium Orange Handbags Come of Age
By the time the 21st century came orange was already well established as a core color for each season’s fashion. Fashion houses rapidly realized that they needed to be able to offer good quality handbags to their followers, whatever their walk of life and the money that they have available. Many critics were shocked when some of the top fashion houses offered orange handbags in their “cheap” range. The shock was caused by embracing “cheap”. However, as the fashion journalists pointed out the “Emporio Armani” brand allowed ordinary people to get the best experience by being able to buy Armani label merchandise at prices that they could afford.

The Future of the Orange Handbag
The orange handbag has as bright a future as its color. Fashion today does not dictate that this primary color or that primary color is the only one that is acceptable for the season. Handbag users definitely have more freedom of expression than ever before. Whatever your taste and budget, you will be able to find a choice of fantastic orange handbags to suit your personal preferences.

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