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Madison handbags are the latest trend in home parties and make a wonderful business opportunity. The concept behind Madison handbags is original as it allows women to create their own income opportunities while providing a much-needed service. During hosted parties, women can design their own purses, which are then custom made by professional sewers at the Madison Company. The business provides many advantages and there are rewards that successful hosts are entitled to. These include earning free Madison handbags, receiving 10% of sales in free credits and there is free shipping for hosts as well. Additionally, hosts are entitled to specials and there are no minimums to qualify for benefits. Consumers have a great time as they can design their own handbags in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

There is a large selection of handbags and accessories that consumers can make including the following design styles: Windsor Keychain, the Lenox Wallet, Belmont Small Tote, Brookline Satchel, the Charleston Large Tote, the Cambridge Shoulder Bag, the Bristol Lunch Bag, Brandywine Hipster, Avalon Coin Case, Caprice Makeup Bag, and the Las Vegas Travel Case. Those interested in designing their own handbags and accessories will first need to determine a style.

Just as there are several types of handbag styles available to choose from, there is also a wide assortment of fabrics to select from. The fabric selections are divided into categories such as cool classics, suburban chic and rich traditional. The fabrics are selected by Madison president, Trish who makes her selections based upon the strength and durability of the fabric, color selections, patterns, textures, color palate, and stand out colors and patterns. Once a purse style has been selected, it is important to select a color pattern for the designing of your purse.

Once Madison handbags and patterns have been selected and designed, the company creates the purses, which are then sent to the hostess for distribution. Each handbag requires special care to ensure that it maintains its beauty and style. It is recommended that owners of Madison handbags spot clean the purses with warm water and soap. A baby wipe often suffices for small spots that need more intense cleaning. If the entire purse needs to be cleaned you can bring it to a dry cleaner and have it professionally treated. It is important that those with Madison handbags not use them in their washing machines as this can cause them to deteriorate quickly.

Of the many Madison handbags some of the most popular styles include the larger bags, such as the Charleston Large Tote and the Cambridge Shoulder Bag. The Charleston Large Tote measures 16” x 11” x 3.5” while the Cambridge Shoulder Bag measures 13” x 11” x 3.” If the fabric on your handbag begins to pill, or clumps in small forms of fluff balls lumped together, know that this is a common happening with fabrics. You can use a razor to gently shave the fabric and remove the pilling from the material.

Many women enjoy the process associated with Madison handbags and like the fact that they can have an integral role in the creation, layout, and overall design of the purse. The handbags are also a popular choice as they feature a unique blend of femininity with practicality. Madison handbags are sturdy and durable as well as being feminine and pretty and hold a universal appeal to all women.

Another aspect to Madison handbags that contributes to their popularity is that each one is hand sewn by one of Madison’s expert seamstresses. In addition to handbags, Madison also allows users to create unique accessories that complement each bag and increase its functionality and practicality. Whether hosting Madison handbag house parties or attending and creating your own personally designed bag, women nationwide agree that Madison handbags are fun yet sturdy and a great way to get a handbag that you’ll not only use but will become a favorite item in your wardrobe.

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