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Knockoff handbags are bags that replicate the style and design of authentic handbags. Usually it is the top designer brands that knockoff bags are made for. Top luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada are all major victims to knockoff sellers. The real victim, however, is the buyer if he or she is not aware that they are buying a fake designer handbag.

If you know that you are buying a knockoff bag then you could justify the purchase if it is what you want but if you want an authentic handbag then you need to know how to avoid buying a fake one. There are quite a few signs that you may notice which could serve as major indicators that a handbag that is being sold is actually a knockoff. You will want to watch out for signs, such as the ones listed below, to prevent yourself from being ripped off. Keep in mind that it may be more difficult to identify a knockoff bag when viewing in person unless you are experienced with handbags, but keeping yourself safe when buying online is not too difficult to do.

Poor Description
If the description on the website selling a designer handbag lacks much detail then it is usually an indicator of a knockoff bag. It could just be that the website was thrown together too quick or was poorly created but this is one sign that could count towards your decision of avoiding the store. A poorly worded description with improper spelling, grammar, and punctuation could also be considered as an indicator.

Country of Origin
The originating country of the store selling the handbags could also be an indicator on the authenticity of the bags. This factor will not guarantee the bag is real or fake but most knockoff bags come from China, Hong Kong, and certain other countries in Asia. Also, if there are no contact phone numbers or physical location listed on the website then you have a reason to be concerned.

Bad Reviews
Reviews are the best way to decide whether the products being sold by a certain store are authentic or knockoffs. If there have been many people that have bought from the store in the past and received knockoff bags then there is a good chance some of them have complained about it online. Do a quick online search for the website name and even try adding “knockoff” or “scam” next to the website URL to see if any search results come up that may scare you away from buying from them. Chances are if the store is already established and sells authentic handbags then there should be some good reviews and no complaints in regards to authenticity of their products.

Why You Do Not Want to Buy a Knockoff Handbag
A knockoff handbag may look exactly like the authentic handbag it is imitating. The tags may even look exactly alike. However, a knockoff handbag is a big fashion no-no. Many people may not spot the difference in your bag but some will and this can be very embarrassing. The major appeal of top designer handbags is that they are of high value and provide a luxurious, wealthy, and elegant appeal. Nothing says the exact opposite better than a fake, cheaply made handbag that stole the design of a quality bag.

Aside from the fact that the bag is not authentic, the bag is not made anything like the one that it is imitating. The designer handbag is not only priced so highly because of the success of the designer, the brand name itself, and the luxurious design. These bags are so valuable and receive so much attention because they are very high quality. You cannot match the quality of an authentic designer handbag with a knockoff handbag. In fact, you are likely to get a bag which is very flawed and will rip, tear, or give out within weeks or months. A high quality designer handbag can last a lifetime.

Spotting knockoff handbags can be easy if you know what you are looking for. If you know the particular brand of handbag you want to buy then you could look online for tips on how to identify knockoff bags of that brand. The indicators listed in this article are all good signs of knockoff bags as well. If a website has more than one of those indicators then there is not too much to defend them and you probably would not want to risk buying from them. In closing, you will want to avoid buying knockoff handbags as they are a waste of your money so be sure to confirm authenticity of any bag before you buy it.

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