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One of the most brilliant designers in this generation, Jimmy Choo handbags are alluring works of art that exude creativity. Gone is the cookie cutter mold that makes handbags look as if they were just removed from an assembly line, but rather Jimmy Choo handbags have a unique elegance and style all their own. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that all of Jimmy Choo’s designs are a work of art and his handbags and purses are no exception. Whether making use of bold animal prints, a fur sensation or a simple, yet elegant tote or hobo bag, Jimmy Choo handbags have a style innately their own.

Using the finest materials, Jimmy Choo handbags are crafted in elegant fabrics, leather and fur. Some examples of these include the Leah Fox Fur purse, the Riki Leopard Print Shoulder bag and the Louise shoulder bag. The Leah Fox Fur cross body purse is crafted from natural golden fox fur and is in a beautiful honey color. Accents on the front of the purse are crafted in leather and the inside lining is made from suede. Determine the overall length of your purse by selecting from adjustable shoulder straps that measure between 29” and 54”. You may also select from different measurements according to the sizes of the purse’s handles.

The Riki Leopard Print Shoulder bag is fashioned from Italian calf hair dyed in a leopard print. Compare that purse with the Louise stitched shoulder bag that is crafted from deerskin and available in blonde and espresso. The Louise stitched shoulder bag features detailed whipstiching and a running stitch that runs the perimeter of the bag; ensuring that it stands out in a crowd. Other exotic and elegant materials used in Jimmy Choo handbags include pebble leather, camel skin, deerskin, lizard and snakeskin embossed leather, genuine snakeskin, glazed fabrics, anthracite, metallic leather, glittered fabric and patent leather.

Consider the closings used on various Jimmy Choo handbags as well. There are many decorative and intricate designs, clasps and locks used to create fanciful closures. As many of Choo’s handbags are frequently seen on the red carpet or modeled by celebrities, royalty and those who’ve attained levels of fame, they are often considered the standard of success and wealth. You’ll find that Jimmy Choo’s designs and collections often set seasonal trends and many fans can’t stop at just shoes or handbags but ensure they add multiple pieces for Jimmy Choo’s collections to their wardrobe.

Even a simple black, white or red dress or business suit is easily transformed into a dramatic fashionable ensemble by adding Jimmy Choo handbags, purses, shoes and accessories. These luxurious items are superbly crafted and are a wonderful addition to every woman’s fashion wardrobe.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing Jimmy Choo handbags is that the designs are so plentiful, rich, colorful and unique that the handbag literally becomes an important aspect of the outfit. By choosing Jimmy Choo shoes and handbags you can ensure that any outfit you wear is going to look magnificent.

The designer, Jimmy Choo, sold his shares in the company to Equinox Luxury Holdings Ltd. It should be realized that the Malaysian designer who was seen as the creative force behind the shoes during the company’s launch in 1996, is no longer with the eponymous brand. In 2011, Labelux bought the company. Even with the changes, Jimmy Choo handbags, shoes and accessories continue to be a staple of exquisite, high quality fashion.

Those interested in purchasing Jimmy Choo handbags will find them for sale at fine department stores nationwide. Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue are several examples of where you may find Jimmy Choo handbags for sale.

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