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Italian Leather Handbags

Italian leather is revered for being the best quality due to the care and attention that goes into crafting it. There are several types of leather used in Italy but the most popular choice for exotic or high quality leathers is ostrich. For many women who prefer the exquisite look of Italian leather handbags, it is ostrich skin they prefer. Italian leather handbags crafted from ostrich skin can command a high price and are always in high demand. Other types of exotic materials or skins that may be used in handbags include reptilian hides such as alligator, crocodile or lizard, snakeskin or camel hair. Italian leather handbags may be crafted from cowhides as well, and though cowhide is not an example of exotic leather, they can still command a high price due to the expertise in the Italian crafting process. Regardless of the type of leather used, Italian leather handbags, shoes, and other accessories are recognized for their value and worth.

Top designers worldwide choose high quality leathers such as ostrich, as the skin is known for having greater strength than traditional forms of leather. Additionally, ostrich hide has a unique texture due to the spacing of the feathers, which make it attractive in appearance. Another factor that lends to the popularity of Italian leather is that it is full grain leather, or meaning that it comes from the uppermost layer of the hide and has not had the layers separated, therefore it is the most durable. Full grain leathers remain intact as they have not been sanded or altered in any format in order to reduce imperfections. Because the leather remains intact, it is the strongest and most valuable of all leathers. High quality Italian leather handbags are those that are crafted from full grain leather. Other benefits to high quality, full grain leather is that it develops a patina after use and becomes more beautiful in time. This is not the case with leathers that have been treated or sanded.

Following full grain leather is top grain as this is leather that has had its layers split and sanded. This type of leather will not develop a patina as it has been treated and has a finish in place. Though the leather will not age well naturally, it will remain durable as long as the top finish remains intact. It should be noted that many of the top designers across the world use Italian leather in their products.

Italian leather handbags are known for their artisanship and much of Italian leatherwork is performed by hand, ensuring that no detail is left neglected. In addition, those who purchase high quality Italian leather handbags can rest assured that their purse has been through numerous quality procedures, checks and examinations in order to guarantee the best quality leather was used in production.

Though Italian leather is often crafted from full grain hides, that does not mean that the leathers are not dyed. Italian leather handbags are available in a plethora of colors ensuring that there is a handbag that perfectly complements a woman’s personality, taste, and sense of style. Italian leather handbags are known for their durability as well as their style and those who purchase these handbags can expect them to last for many years to come.

Italian leather handbags are available in a wide array of prices ensuring that women of all financial backgrounds can add one to her wardrobe. It isn’t uncommon for women to save up for more expensive Italian leather handbags as these are often seen as a wise investment that will reward the shopper with many years of use to come. With numerous styles to choose from, finding the perfect Italian leather handbag for your collection is easy and convenient.

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