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How to Choose the Perfect Handbag

When choosing the perfect handbag it is important to realize that this is not a one-size fits all deal. As every woman is different and has varying needs, the handbag that is perfect for one individual may not be the ideal purse for another. Additionally, handbags should be selected based upon a person’s body size, shape, and frame. Another factor to take into consideration is the purse’s style and shape. In order to choose the perfect handbag, it is important to know the different types of handbags and styles of purses available.

Handbags serve an important role and though they are often viewed as fashion accessories, they are also practical tools that serve an important function. The perfect handbag must be as durable and practical as well as a fashionable asset to your wardrobe. For many women, this includes choosing a purse or handbag based upon its size, dimensions, and strength. The material used to fashion handbags will have an ultimate impact on whether or not the purse can store your essentials without breaking. Those who wish to carry small items such as makeup, a wallet, or a cell phone have numerous options available. Women that want to carry large items such as a laptop will need to invest in a handbag that is strong, durable, and stable.

Those searching for a larger purse will find that the tote, hobo and messenger bag provide the most room. If needing a small purse, consider a baguette, satchel, or clutch. Once you have a general size for your purse as well as understand the purpose for which you will use the purse you will find it is much simpler to find the perfect handbag for your individual situation.

Many women who need to carry large objects to work find that a tote provides the room needed to ensure you can conveniently and effectively transport important objects. Though these handbags are generously sized, they are not without their fashion appeal. Top designers make stylish and expertly crafted oversized tote bags that are spacious enough for laptops, phones, business papers and more while still looking sleek and stylish. Some women choose to bring a tote as well as a smaller purse to the office. This way they can transport their larger items and then use the smaller purse throughout the day.

Just as it is important to choose a handbag based upon its practicality and function, you must ensure that you do not sacrifice beauty, style, and elegance for durability. A stylish ensemble could be ruined by carrying an old, frayed tote can cause your outfit to look flat and will detract from your professional style. In the workplace, it is important to maintain a look of excellence in addition to ensuring you can easily carry your most important tools and equipment. Consider the color of the handbag as this will play an important role in your overall look. Ensure that the colors you select in a purse are those that complement your outfits without appearing to flashy or inappropriate for the workplace.

Additionally, the perfect handbag is one that complements your personal style, regardless of its size or use. No matter what style you prefer, always make certain your handbag complements your shoes. This is one of the basic rules of fashion and you can make certain that any ensemble you select has a finished look just by coordinating your shoes and purse. You can also throw in other accessories, such as a scarf, necklace or earrings to make certain that your outfit has a finished, detailed look and that your handbag blends well.

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