Leather Handbags

Leather HandbagsWhat is your favorite color? Not sure? Well if you are a connoisseur of handbags, you can have one for every color of the rainbow and more. Trends for handbags colors and design are very similar to clothing fashion trends and they mostly follow the season. Since there are four seasons in a year, therefore, there are also four primary fashion release highlights. For example, during a spring release, you will find freshly colored designs of greens, blues and pinks in clothing and fashion accessories like the handbag, and as spring symbolizes new birth in general, designs of items are more light and refreshing.

So, at this time of the year, you will probably see pink colored handbags, crafted with light quilting designs and a combination of light colored metals or sequins. Autumn and winter would produce very different designs and colors as appropriate to that time of year.

The fashion of clothing greatly influences the design and color of handbags, as the handbag is considered an accessory to accompany the clothing style. Sometimes you can find designers who craft handbags and shoes to complement the dressing, and they will follow the color trends of the current season. It is not unusual to sometimes find vivid colored handbags that border on the verge of whimsical and if you think there are no takers for these, think again. Sometimes the more obnoxious the color sense, the more attention it attracts from collectors who use it as a means to draw attention to themselves. The changes of handbag color trends have gone through an evolution and have ranged from the mundane to the very sophisticated.

Color Through the Ages
In the sixties, you would most probably have found handbags in the very safe colors of various shades of browns or blacks and this was considered trendy in those days. But in modern times, unless it is for a very black tie and black dress event, carrying such a colored handbag is considered old-fashioned or you are of a certain elderly age group. In the seventies, which was the age of the baby boomers and hippies, you would find gaudy sequined handbags in a variety of colors and styles, some with trailing strips of leather or fabric to give that sassy effect.

Then in the eighties and into the nineties, it was a time of industrial development and the birth of the social yuppies. The demand for more sophisticated colors and designs inspired handbag designers to come up with more metallic and bold colors such as reds and silvers. Now, in the twenty first century, considered almost the space age, you will find handbag designs reflecting modernity and engineering, so the colors are also metallic based but in bolder colors of bronze, indigo and metallic textured.

Designer Preference
However, some collectors prefer to stick to the less modern trends and choose the contemporary styles, of which there is no shortage of design or color. For instance, the new Coach collection, which has a playful edition of handbags in pink colors, is crafted to appeal to those young at heart and the very girly collectors who love pink. It is not just that color that appeals but also the design, and any girl within the age group of twenties to thirties would feel comfortable and happy to own one. Therefore, the handbag color trend is not limited to just the era but other factors taken into consideration are age groups of the designer’s fans, the time of season, the most popular color at the moment (this part is of course a prediction or a trend setting) and the popularity of a particular designer’s style.

The end product of all these factors provides a big market selection for the consumer and in particular the collectors. Some of the more fanatical collectors have been known to collect just about any color or design from one favorite designer, so in this case there is not much of a color trending. But overall, the first impact of buying a handbag is naturally the color, followed by the design and the designer reputation. After all, the reason you buy a handbag is mostly to complement your dress and sense of style, as well as functionality.