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Sold at fine retailers nationwide, Giani Bernini handbags are always in high demand. Known for their exquisite designs and use of intricately detailed prints, you can find Giani Bernini handbags in a variety of styles. Totes, hobo bags, clutches, messenger bags, shoulder, cross body, camera bags and satchels are just a few of the styles available. One of Bernini’s most popular bags is the glazed. This process gives the fabric a rich, brilliant shine and high gloss. Giani Bernini handbags frequently use jacquard, plaid or paisley prints and when combined with glazing, the result is a superb handbag that is easily identifiable as Bernini.

Determine what type handle you prefer before shopping for Giani Bernini handbags as you may select from double handles, adjustable cross body straps, top handle bags with detachable shoulder straps and single straps. Before deciding the best purse for your needs, you should choose what style and size you prefer. Do you want a shoulder bag, a clutch, a purse that you can easily wrap across your body and not worry about it while you’re on the move, or do you need a flexible choice that offers multiple options? Consider your body style, how and where you will take your purse most frequently and whether you need a purse for fashion and style purposes or for business. By determining these factors ahead of time you can remove some of the guessing from purse shopping.

The type of strap your Giani Bernini handbag comes with will determine its ultimate length. Some of the purse’s top handle straps measure approximately 7” while the shoulder and crossover body straps are adjustable and usually have a length of 25”. Also consider the total dimensions of the handbag and how it correlates to the size of the straps. The size of the straps must be able to support the weight of the purse and its contents.

Giani Bernini handbags are available in both leather and fabric choices. As with the glazed fabric purses, they also make beautiful glazed leather purses that give the bags an incredible shine. You can tell authentic Giani Bernini handbags by the “GB” emblem on tags and on the hardware. Some styles have the “GB” imprinted on the fabric or even incorporated in the bag’s overall design. Whether looking for a timeless, classic purse that will meet your needs, or searching for the perfect bag that will accommodate you in the workplace, Giani Bernini has a wide variety of styles that will accommodate all occupations, personal preferences and needs.

In addition to fabric you can choose from a variety of trims and stitching that though minimal, have a dramatic impact on the overall look of your purse. A brown or black handbag with contrasting stitching and trim can take on a completely new appearance. Look for contrasting and complementary colors in hardware choices as well. Many Giani Bernini handbags use hardware that brings out the natural beauty of their purses.

Color choice is extremely important and for those who are going with a solid color rather than a print design, color selection means everything. Not all Giani Bernini handbags are available in a multitude of colors and you’ll find many of their styles are simply created in one singular color. Bernini uses rich, deep tones and hues and colors tend to include more vibrant than pastel shades. Look for colors such as brick red, emerald green, ivory, ebony, pearl, bronze and taupe. Though everyone may disagree upon color choices, one thing that everyone agrees upon when it comes to Giani Bernini handbags is that they are the epitome of chic fashion and sophistication. Revered for their artistry and high quality, Giani Bernini handbags make an excellent fashion accessory to every wardrobe.

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