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Etienne Aigner is one of the most popular makers of designer handbags. This brand has a large market, including celebrities and popular individuals. These people make the brand all the more popular amongst shoppers. However, there's more to Etienne Aigner handbags than meets the eye. Aside from the excellent quality of their design and the number of celebrities carrying Etienne Aigner AG handbags, you will find that the brand is really practical and worth your attention.

The Etienne Aigner Line-up
One thing that this designer brand prides itself on is the available line-up. Their website lists all the designer handbags that you can find in your local stores. Amongst the most popular is the Status Quo line up, which includes the Cross Body, Satchel and Shopper. The Venice lineup includes the Leather Flap Tote and the Jaguard Work Tote. There are many other designs available that you can choose from, ranging from chic designs to extremely purposeful handbags.

As for the price, Etienne Aigner ranks with most of the designer handbag manufacturers in the market. Their prices are well worth it, of course, since they use fine raw materials and great effort and skill in designing their handbags.

Some people will argue that you should also include practicality into the equation when buying designer handbags. Whilst that is true, it's difficult to find something cheap inside an expensive selection. For the most part, you will have to make do with lower quality brands, which you do not want to do. The golden rule in buying bags is to set a non-restrictive budget. Then, go for something that will offer long-lasting durability and style. This way, you can cut the cost in the long run. Try to find a style that will last not one year, not two years, but five years at least. You can definitely find one like that, which suits your preference, among Etienne Aigner handbags, as their creations are timeless.

About the Brand
You would ordinarily look up a brand, and not a specific product, before buying designer handbag. You want to make sure that the brand does indeed offer quality that is proven through the test of time.

Etienne Aigner, named after Etienne Agner, its founder, sells various fashionable accessories, including handbags, belts, luggage, leather accessories and wallets. It all started with Etienne, who established a humble beginning for his designer brand of fashion accessories, but had high hopes for his goods. In the process of establishing his brand, Etienne worked with many of the elites in the fashion industry. At the same time, he was making quite a name for himself. It didn't take very long before his new brand, Etienne Aigner, was one of the most popular brands in Europe. People began to compare him to other European elites like Christian Dior. The success didn't end there when the brand came to conquer the American market for designer handbags.

The company hired only deserving and talented designers, who put the "A" in Aigner. In no time, the brand was very popular in the US market too.

In the present, the company owns a globally recognized lineup of designer accessories, the Etienne Aigner handbags being the flagship product.

Why Buy Etienne Aigner?
This is the question that most people would ask after hearing the story. It's evident that other successful brands have pretty much the same compelling story. The question is why a person should choose this brand, instead of others. For one, Etienne Aigner is a recognized brand in Europe and in the US. That makes it a choice of both British and American celebrities and popular individuals. Keep in mind that celebrities are very powerful trendsetters and their influence reaches far and wide.

A buyer of designer handbags would more likely follow the trends in the entertainment scene than expend time and effort in scrutinizing a particular brand. It's a positive stereotype that is put on all celebrities. As ironic as it seems, this is actually a good thing because, in doing so, celebrities save people a lot of hassle finding which designer brands to choose. Try looking at it in the same perspective and you will be amazed at how quickly you can choose from the selections of designer handbags. Speaking of which, that will make it a lot easier for you to reason out why Etienne Aigner is a good choice too.

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