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Most of us are familiar with the name of Chanel and the double C insignia, which symbolizes quality, reputation, design and trendiness. The name of the designer, Karl Lagerfeld, is also synonymous with Chanel. In fact, his designs with clothing, handbags and shoes are awe-inspiring and he is currently in the stable of Madame Coco Chanel’s top of the range designers.

The brand Chanel was first established in the 1920s by the then singer Gabrielle Chanel in France. She obtained her nickname “Coco” whilst she was a popular singer in a cafe. Her love of haute couture and all things luxurious prompted her to dabble in fashion and accessories. Her main theme was simplicity but sophistication and this was reflected in her designs for dresses, shoes, handbag, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumery which soon gained a good following of fashion enthusiasts and many of them famous personalities.

Sense of style
Her designs were clean cut, solid colored and with as little fuss as possible, making them highly suitable for any number of occasions or general wear. Her sense of style was also reflected in her collection of handbags, which were yet again simple, with practical compartments; durable and made with either leather or high quality materials and fabrics. Her designs were the signature of the Chanel brand and it was very easy to recognize a Chanel design anywhere. One of her most creative and successful designs was what is today known as the “little black dress” that women wear to elegant soirees or cocktail parties. This is a fashion trend that is followed by many designers now.

Of course, it seemed only natural to have a beautiful handbag as an accessory to accompany the little black dress. Chanel handbags accompany dresses perfectly for a stunning evening look. Add any other accessory that goes with the look, such as a designer pair of shoes and simple jewelry, and you will make a statement.

Success of the Chanel brand
Chanel frequently introduces new designs for their handbags and other fashion items and if you are lucky enough, you might be receive an invite to view one of Chanel’s famous runway fashion shows, although these are strictly limited. The success of Chanel can be viewed from the number of famous celebrities who represent the brand. Chanel is very exclusive in their choices of celebrities, and has included Marilyn Monroe. The Chanel brand has a wide following of Chanel enthusiasts from around the world, including stars, actors and celebrities as well as people like you and me. So if you choose to add Chanel handbags to your collection, then you would be in very good company.

Amongst the most famous Chanel handbags is the Classic Chanel, which comes in two variations of the Timeless CC and the 2.55, although the names are unusual but the collection is not, and up until today, there are still enquiries for the purchase of these two retro style handbags.

New collections
The new fall and winter collection of Chanel handbags includes the flap bag, which is a small sized carry handbag for light usage. The handbag is crafted from metalized python fabric design and a metal chain. This design is highly suitable for evening use complimenting a simple dark or black colored evening dress. Amongst the other designs from this collection is the Classic flap bag, which is slightly larger and crafted from alligator skin with a metallic chain, the Tote bag, made from python skin for daily use, the Medium Bowling Bag crafted from alligator skin, and the Classic Flap Bag crafted from shiny alligator skin. You can purchase any of the bags from this collection at Channel outlets or fine haute couture boutiques anywhere in the world.

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