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Designer handbags are very popular, and this is because of their brand, appeal, and obvious lasting quality. Celebrities mostly set the trends for handbags and other goods, so handbags are in demand because the most popular names in the entertainment scene buy them. However, that's not all there is to designer handbags. Did you know that color has a large part to play in the popularity of handbags today? Historically, handbag manufacturers designed their handbags to the most prevalent or trendiest color of the decade.

In the past, you've seen lots and lots of bags in a large assortment of color. You have seen black bags become all the rage amongst women. You have seen red bags become the most popular choice. And you have obviously been through the dull, pale gray trend that rose in popularity a while back. The lack of color, though, caused it to be swallowed by yet newer trends on fashionable handbag colors. If it's not so much obvious, today's trend is centered on one color: beige.

The simplest way to explain this trend is that beige is like a chameleon. Well, not in the truest sense as we all know colors can’t change to other colors, but because beige can adapt to different trends. You can take beige anywhere, use it on anything, and put it beside any other color or material or texture. You will still have that glowing look that is simply perfect and at the same time unassuming. Beige handbags exhibit this trait. They are suitable for nearly all purposes. No matter what type of material is used to make beige handbags, the beige color still makes it stand out among the rest. That means you will definitely stand out in a crowd, too. For women, this can be a big deal, something that will create the impression that they look for.

Whatever it is you want to do with your beige handbags, no matter the mood and wherever you are, beige will always be a great safe choice of color. This color has been quite trendy for a long time, but only now have people fully brought this trend upfront.

Handbags have been around for a while, even as far back as the early fourteenth century. They have been used by African priests, been traditionalized, and even made into beaded bags, and so on. The purse precursors also rose in popularity for a short time, until the trend was toppled by newer and more socially fitting fashionable bags.

Hundreds of years after the medieval ages, buckskins and similar leather materials were very popular. They were made into all sorts of items, bags and accessories. You would think that since these are leather, the predominant color would be black or dark brown animal skins. That wasn't entirely true in the past. People used various methods to clean the leather and give it a brighter color. Until commercial dyes were invented, the makers of handbags sought specific animals in order to get light-colored leather. They used the leather in order to make bags, and the effect was spectacular.

The resultant colors ranged from fawn, taupe, mushroom, khaki, ochre, tawny and off-white. Beige still wasn't really a color then, but as the years passed and commercial dye was invented, manufacturers decided to make beige handbags as a standard color of designer handbags.

Today, there are at least three predominant colors for handbags. These are black leather, brown leather and beige. For a long time, dark and brown leathers were very popular with women. In fact, these were the first choice of bags. The downside for these dark-colored handbags, however, is that they hide whatever detail the handbag has. For very detailed and well-crafted handbags, a person would have to look very closely in order to separate the intended ornamental lines from the natural texture of the leather itself. The same is true for brown leather handbags.

That's the clear advantage that beige handbags have. Since they are bright-colored, every inch of the bag can be embedded with fine detail and a person will still see those details easily with just a glance. In summary, bright-colored beige handbags are very popular for understandable reasons. This trend might last for quite a while, which is all the more reason to add one to your collection.

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