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Founded in 1914 in Paris, France, Balenciaga has become one of the most sought after designers worldwide. Balenciaga handbags are available in styles for both men and women and the luxury-designing house creates them in fine leather. Known for their beautiful array of colors as well as their expert quality and design, Balenciaga handbags are world-renowned. Many colors used for Balenciaga handbags are rich, vibrant hues with bright tones, making the handbags an excellent complement to every wardrobe. They are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes making them suitable for all occasions.

Balenciaga handbags are available in the following styles: classic, giant, brogue and papier. You may also shop Balenciaga by collection and styles dating back to the 90s. One of the most popular styles that is always in demand is the Balenciaga classic and it is not hard to see why. Not only does Balenciaga use luxurious leather, they also plate much of their hardware in exquisite metals. For example, the Giant Silver City handbag from the classic collection features palladium plated hardware. Crafted for comfort and flexibility, many Balenciaga handbags include a removable shoulder strap, making the purse easy to wear or carry. Other use of metal hardware includes silver, aged brass and rose gold.

When choosing Balenciaga handbags compare different details that adorn the bags. Some handbags have front zipped pockets while others simply have top zip. Check for interior zippers and determine the lining as well. Most purses have hand mirrors and Balenciaga often frames their hand mirrors in leather. Genuine Balenciaga handbags will feature an engraved plaque in the interior zipper compartment. You can ensure your bag’s authenticity by verifying the engraved plaque is in place.

Many Balenciaga handbags feature leather fringe on zippers giving the bag a beautiful and distinct look, while remaining practical and useful. Some bags have more fringe than others do and some styles incorporate fringe into the overall design. As some of the handbags are crafted in soft lambskin, many Balenciaga handbags have a luxurious design and feel that gives an exotic look.

Much of Balenciaga’s success in the fashion world rests upon its founder, Cristóbal Balenciaga. Revered throughout the fashion industry for his artisanship, expertise and innovative creativity, the name Balenciaga has been associated with celebrity fashion and royalty. As a leader in fashion, some of Balenciaga’s protégés include Oscar de la Renta, Hubert de Givenchy and Andre Courreges. Balenciaga fashions and designs exude an air of sophistication, class and wealth. The bags are highly sought after worldwide; the company is nearing a century year old and their popularity continues to rise.

The timelessness of Balenciaga handbags has helped lead to its phenomenal success. The bags are elegant to behold and no two styles look exactly alike. The wide array of sizes makes Balenciaga a perfect choice for anyone looking for carryalls as well. Some of the Papier styles are generously sized and are suitable for all activities that require a bag with spaciousness.

Though there are numerous styles that are perfect for women, men can enjoy the classic timelessness, durability and practicality of Balenciaga handbags as well. From seasonal bags that are perfect for traveling, business trips to classic bags perfect for daily use and the office, Balenciaga provides modish bags well suited for men’s needs. The Balenciaga carry on top bag for men is crafted from camel skin and canvas, is available in deep ebony and feature palladium plated metal hardware. The bag, crafted in Italy, is just one example of the exquisite line of seasonal and classic bags that Balenciaga constructs.

Another popular choice in Balenciaga handbags for men is the Day Arena and Loden. This style combines soft lambskin with wool and features a cotton canvas lining. The bag’s handles have been sewn by hand and the hardware has been finished with the strong ad durable metal palladium. Make certain to select Balenciaga handbags that have the authentic label attached to the inside pocket, as this assures you of its authenticity.

Whether male or female, Balenciaga handbags are a wonderful complement to every wardrobe and lifestyle.

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