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Backpack handbags are a type of item that can be used as a typical handbag or worn as a backpack. This is a pretty self-explanatory concept, as it would seem, but for most women selecting the right backpack handbags actually takes a lot more mental effort. This is because there are lots of designer brands for backpack handbags on the market. Furthermore, each of these brands has specific qualities that a buyer should decide on. To make this a whole lot easier for you, continue reading this short buyer’s guide to the most popular backpack handbags.

The first thing you want to do is try to understand the difference between typical handbags and backpack handbags. You may want to know what the functionality and appeal are. For most women, the appeal of the typical carry on handbags is better than backpack handbags, but there are still situations when the less auspicious choice proves to be more advantageous. For example, if you are going to the beach you would not want to have a typical handbag. One reason is because it would look out of place, and another reason is that a typical handbag will not be able to accommodate all of your beach necessities.

Whilst you still won’t be able to fit everything inside backpack handbags, it's far better because it gives you less beach items to carry by hand. For instance, small towels and water bottles can be put inside backpack handbags, and you can carry the rest of your items with two hands. Normally, you would use either hand to carry the items. Using a beach-type backpack you can have one hand free so you can carry a lounge chair or an umbrella. This saves you one or two trips back to your car. For beachgoers this is a great advantage.

Another reason for using backpack handbags is that they are fashionable. Women are often frustrated at how men can carry a lot of heavy items without looking out of place. In fact, men also take backpacks that are practically the size of mountains to the beach without it causing them a problem. The most efficient alternative for women is this: backpack handbags.

Now, realizing that there are many purposes for these bags, you would wonder why these are relevant to a buyer. As a buyer you need to know what sort of applications the bags will be used for. If you are going to the beach, then backpack handbags should look like summer wear. They should be light, bright and fun as well as functional. As opposed to handbags that are used for corporate purposes, you will have to select handbags made of materials that are perfect for beach outings. Backpack handbags made from leather, for example, would not be as versatile as one made from more washable fabrics.

If leather is your preference, you still have other practical applications for it. It's nice to know that the vast number of leather handbags available today makes it really easy to choose high quality handbags. At least you can remove that from your list of things to check.

The next consideration is the brand. Popular designers include Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Fendi and Burberry, but not all of the designer brands have backpack handbags. Some, in fact, have a limited line up of designer bags in order to mark their territory in the fashionable bags industry.

Remember, selecting the right type of bag for the occasion should be a priority. If you are going to buy backpack handbags for everyday use, and every day you have lots to carry with you, choosing a tougher and larger bag might be more advantageous. If you are more on portability and style, a more lightweight handbag should be your choice.

There will be some arguments whether or not you should go for practicality, and this might be a fight of mind over heart. If you are buying backpack handbags, no matter what type, then you should be prepared to pay the price for quality handbags that can last the test of time. The question is, can it last the test of trends? Trends change quickly, as you know, so the best rule for practicality is to choose which style, in your opinion, would still be trendy in the next five years or so.

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