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Anyone familiar with the fashion industry will be aware of what accessories go well with your dress style, more so for well known fashion designers. However, nowadays, there are also designers who have indulged in designing handbags and accessories that go with the dressing trend. A common rating for the designers is the more well known they are the higher the price of their creations. This is no exception for authentic designer handbags too; although the flipside of the coin is that because of the high prices for these items you can now get black market and imitation varieties as well.

Be Wary of the Imitations
How do you know original authentic designer handbags from imitation ones? Well to be honest, unless you know the product very well, have a keen eye for the quality and believe the seller is downright honest, you just really wouldn’t know! The fashion industry, regardless of which sector, has been badly hit by these imitations and you will be surprised that some of the imitations are also of a very good quality without the high price tag. But the point is imitations are actually a theft of intellectual property rights, therefore, purchase of these imitations is not recommended and if you are one of those selling these products, you will regret it, as the penalty when caught is very stiff.

On another note, the brilliance and creativity of a designer is reflected in his or her design. And from the number of well established and new designers available who are out there creating these wonderful accessories, you can find one to suit any personal dress style you want. The only issue is the price. These designers use a variety of materials to craft their designs and you will be surprised that the basic shape of a handbag has now morphed into a variety of shapes and sizes; some traditional, some contemporary and some down right bizarre. So, depending on your taste and how much attention you want to gain, there is such a wide selection for you to choose from.

Some of the ultimate authentic designer handbags that have gained reputation and a good following of fans are made by the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Pierre Cardin. Of course these handbags are really expensive, but if you consider the status symbol and the price of owning a creation from authentic designer handbags, that itself is worth the price you pay. These handbags are available from the same named designer shops or from high-end designer boutiques anywhere around the world. If you are the type of person that wants to be in the forefront of trend setting and like to be the first to own a particular designer creation, then there is no better place to be than in Milan. This is the so-called godly seat of well known designers, including Prada and Christian Dior. The first batch of the designer creations, after a runway introduction, will always be released here, that is also the reason why Milan is such a great shopping city for fashion and accessories.

Trend Setters
If you want to see what the latest designs available are and the most talked about in town, you can always subscribe to the particular designer or designers that appeal to you. With the convenience of the internet, social applications such as Facebook, is how these designers now reach out to their fans and you can be sure that any new designs will be advertised on these pages. Therefore, to own authentic designer handbags is now very easy. If you can wait, then you can take a peek every now and then in your favorite designer boutique or even place an order online. You are not limited to any type of designer or collection; the only limitation is the size of your wallet. Therefore, if you are the type of person that has a pair of shoes for every day of the year, you can also do the same with authentic designer handbags!

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