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When it comes to style, nothing says fashion better than authentic Coach handbags. Founded in 1941, the Manhattan leather company has been constructing some of the most highly sought after handbags worldwide since the 60s. Coach has a wide array of styles to choose from and they have a selection of bags appropriate for both men and women. Business bags, messenger bags, travel bags and totes ensure that men look stylish while having bags that provide and meet their practical needs. Women’s styles include shoulder bags, cross body bags, baby and small bags, business bags and totes, carryalls, satchels and shoulder bags.

Known and revered worldwide for their artisanship and use of fine leather to create durable handbags that are also beautiful in appearance, Coach is a leader in the handbags industry. You never need to worry that your Coach bag will be too small, as the company has mastered the art of ensuring the inside of their handbags is spacious providing plenty of room for carrying the most important essentials, with room to spare. Authentic coach handbags are practical enough to use every day but look as if you purchased them for special occasions.

Some of Coach’s most popular handbag collections include the Madison, Kristin, Chelsea, Poppy and Classic. The Madison collection includes the Caroline, Abigail, Lindsey and mini Sophia bags. The Kristin collection features bags with rich details and embossed leather in fine prints, while the Chelsea collection features suede and sequined handbags. Those looking for a glossy, shiny handbag will want to check out the Poppy line.

Authentic Coach handbags do not skimp on luxury on the inside either. As many handbags may focus on the outside appearance and neglect the interior lining; Coach is known for using silky and vibrant materials for their inside linings; many of which are in contrasting colors which gives the bags a gorgeous appearance on the inside and out. Never running out of innovative ideas and styles, authentic Coach designs their handbags in exotic shapes, prints and designs; Coach also offers consumers the opportunity to own classic Coach handbags. Crafted in the same manner as their earlier counterparts, these classic treasures are a wonderful complement to every fashionista's wardrobe.

Limited edition authentic Coach handbags are always in high demand as the luxury designer are often crafts these with intricate detail, exquisite embellishments and the finest, most luxurious leathers. When shopping limited edition Coach handbags look for the leather company often designs these special hues.

Making use of exotic designs, prints and embellishments, Coach masterfully designs bags that have subtle detail giving a rich and unique tone and quality to their bags. Authentic Coach handbags are in high demand. There is also a widespread problem of counterfeiters trying to pass off their inferior reproductions as authentic. The problem is so diverse that Coach offers tips and advice for those seeking genuine Coach bags.

Keep in mind that fake products are of inferior quality and will not feature the intricate embellishments and details that are inherent to Coach handbags. Those who purchase Coach handbags from an official Coach store can be 100% certain they are receiving genuine handbags. Coach does not sell their handbags through individual outlets, flea markets or online through auctions. They do sell online, through their factory outlet, their official stores and through approved department stores that they have deemed as authorized dealers. Coach lists authorized department stores on their official website. Though you may see websites with URL addresses that contain the word “Coach,” the only place that Coach sells their handbags online directly is through Coach.com.

Coach does sell their handbags through approved third party department stores online, such as Macys, Nordstrom and Dillards. Coach takes counterfeit businesses seriously and asks that those who suspect a fraudulent operation report the information to Coach as the company vows to take legal action against all counterfeiting operations. You can ensure you buy authentic Coach handbags only by shopping through their official site, factory stores and Coach authorized department stores.

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